10% off book to get kids cycling to school

'Let Me Out: How To Enjoy The School Run' is a great book for parents who want to encourage more kids to walk or cycle to school, and LCC members can get an exclusive 10% discount. 


LCC board member, parent and advocate of sustainable transport, Ann Kenrick has written this comprehensive campaigning tool to combat school run apathy.

Her unflinching logic is designed to persuade sceptical parents to get their kids to walk or cycle to school. It tackles all manner of objections, reveals all about school travel plans, and gives advice on communicating and using the media.

Order online at  www.lollypoppublishing.co.uk or by phone on 07739 386545, quoting LCC1009 (p&p applies).  Please note: This offer is made to LCC members entirely at the discretion of Lollypop Publishing, from which LCC do not gain or have any control

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