1000 Londoners at Bow roundabout pay tribute to fallen cyclists and tell Mayor it's time for change

One thousand Londoners joined the London Cycling Campaign's protest at Bow earlier this evening to send a message to Mayor Boris Johnson that cycling deaths in the city are unacceptable, and that flawed junctions like Bow roundabout must be redesigned with safe space for cycling.

Protestors started to assemble at Bow from 6pm, and by 6.30pm there was an impressive crowd, with BBC London News, ITV London Tonight, BBC Radio London and LBC making the event their top story.

Under direction from London Cycling Campaign staff and volunteers, along with the officers from the Metropolitan Police, the one thousand riders rode around Bow roundabout, blocking the junction.

Many passing people on bicycles and on foot chose to join the protest when they saw what was happening, including the candlelit memorial.

As the massed protestors came to a halt in front of the location where today's victim was struck by a left-turning lorry, Chair of LCC trustees Ann Kenrick read out the names of the most recent London cycling victims.

LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, "We thank everyone who made the effort to come along to the inhospitable surroundings of Bow roundabout on a cold and dark evening, and we're pleased the event was a fitting tribute to those who've been killed or seriously injured cycling in recent days.

"We urge Mayor Boris Johnson to respond to the anger and frustration clearly felt by Londoners at the recent tragedies by agreeing to prioritise pedestrian and cycling safety above motor traffic flow, both at Bow and at some many other streets and junctions where our lives are threatened each day."    

Photos below kindly posted in the LCC Flickr pool by zefrog

photos below by LCC's Tom Bogdanowicz


  • By SimonS at 11:19pm 13 November 2013
Great pics of a very moving event. Thanks to all the LCC staff, volunteers, members and supporters for making it happen.
  • By Bilboben at 6:13am 14 November 2013

Well done for the very prompt response and to everyone for managing to get there. This morning I like hundreds of others I will cross this treacherous junction with a sense of fear as always. That sense of fear hopefullly will keep us safe, but it cannot be right that we travel to work fearing for our lives. Keep up the pressure everyone.


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World Rememberance Day for Road Crash Victims-Light of Hope


  • By Rob B at 2:20pm 14 November 2013

How about another demonstration outside Boris' office, or Parliament to keep the pressure up?

  • By anita at 6:31pm 15 November 2013

A demonstration outside Boris' office sounds good.

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