30th anniversary celebrations

London Cycling Campaign – the world’s largest independent urban cycling organisation – is celebrating 30 years of lobbying to make London a more cycle-friendly city.

Staff marked the occasion by revisiting the pub, the Olde Cheshire Cheese in Fleet St, where the organisation was founded three decades ago.

Koy Thomson and staff enjoy a 30th anniversary drink at The Olde Cheshire Cheese
Koy Thomson enjoys a 30th anniversary drink at The Olde Cheshire Cheese

It is fitting LCC’s birthday coincides with Freewheel, an event that was the brainchild of one of LCC’s volunteers, and this year saw 50,000 riders of all abilities enjoying traffic-free streets.

Freewheel is just one of many LCC successes; its first, just three months after being formed, was the installation of a cycle crossing at Albert Gate.

Other achievements include the indispensible London Cycle Network maps, distributed free by TfL and created with LCC expertise.

The organisation also initiated essential infrastructure improvements such the Blackfriars Bridge cycle lane and the bike routes across Clapham and Wandsworth Commons.

LCC has also successfully promoted cycle training in schools and established community cycling projects across London.

The London Cyclist magazine has regularly highlighted important campaigns, as well as more fun aspects of cycling, such as the BMX rider below jumping over a group of Westminster dignitaries.

A BMX rider jumps over a group of dignitaries

Increasing safety for cyclists

Current campaigns include pushing for the fitting of safety mirrors to all lorries, protecting cyclists from the dangers of motorcycles in bus lanes, and demanding improved cycle parking provision to reduce cycle theft in the capital.

Koy Thomson, LCC’s chief executive, said, "London Cycling Campaign has played a key role in improving conditions for cycling and supporting people who want to cycle.

"Bicycle use has doubled in London over the last five years to over 500,000 journeys every day and by 2025, LCC wants to see one in five journeys being made by bicycle

"This can only help make London a safer, healthier and more environmentally sustainable city."

For more information on the history of LCC, download the feature from the London Cyclist magazine using the link on the right.


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