ABUS U-Mini, £50-80, www.abus.com

There are two models of the Abus U-Mini available: a Sold Secure silver-rated version retailing at £50 and a gold-rated one at £80. Both feature a 16mm toughened steel shackle, with all the locks’ metal contact points covered by a rubber skin to avoid damage to your precious ride.

Both locks are small enough to fit on a belt courier-style, or in a small bag. The gold-rated lock weighs 1.25kg, while the silver is just 900g.

The tiny 140x200mm dimensions mean you’re likely to be locking only frame to stand, but if you’re comfortable with that (maybe using Pinhead skewers on wheels), the U-Minis combine convenience with high security. MC

PROS Very safe lock
CONS Shackle size restricts locking options


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