Add to our photo petition: “Boris, give us the freedom to walk or ride: Blackfriars must stay 20mph”

We’re urging everyone who cares about people-friendly public spaces and reducing road danger to add their picture to our ‘20mph Blackfriars’ photo petition.

It only takes a minute, and when we’ve enough photos we’re going to show them off in a very public place in a highly visible but obviously still legal kind of way.

Send them to us in a blank email (, with your caption in the subject line.

So this is your big chance to tell the Mayor ‘face to face’ that he must grant Londoners the freedom to cycle and walk by making our streets safer.

This freedom starts with keeping Blackfriars Bridge 20mph, and means the Mayor taking on the traffic-management bureaucrats who sacrifice our safety to keep more cars moving faster.

Your photo will be stronger if it includes a message, or maybe your bike, your friends or your kids.

The Mayor is on record saying he wants “cyclised” streets, where cyclists are “no longer in thrall to the motor car”.

We agree, and to achieve this we need:

  • NOW: Keep the 20mph speed limit in place
  • NEXT: Completely redesign Blackfriars so it’s people and cyclist-friendly.

What do I do next?

  1. Photograph yourself with a phone or camera
  2. Email it to us to be added to our Flickr site


And thanks to the 2000 people who signed our email petition last month. We haven't forgotten you... and will be using your details to put pressure on the Mayor too.


It's all very well making blackfriars bridge 20mph, but a lot of cyclists are hitting 30mph easily.
I've just seen the campaign against HGV's, I think it's the cyclists who need more training and better road sense & realise they can't just charge at any gap they see up on the inside of the road & I think its irresponsible for this site to tell differently, & does this sight encourage cyclists to ride without having their iPods plugged into their ears so they can hear motorists around them, I would of thought that being so vulnerable it would be sensible to have all your senses available whilst on the road.
  • By mike_c at 9:43pm 6 August 2011

@martin reynolds It's a tired and inaccurate cliche to blame the victims in road traffic crashes when the facts are that in the vast majority of collisions involving cyclists it's the motorist that's at fault. The irresponsibility lies with those who advocate doing nothing to protect the most vulnerable on our roads, cyclists and pedestrians.

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  • By Tomm at 1:17pm 17 March 2015

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