Aldgate victim's mother calls on Mayor Boris Johnson to set a deadline for major improvements to Cycle Superhighway 2

The mother of Philippine de Gerin-Ricard, killed last Friday on Cycle Superhighway 2, said yesterday that "by using this bike lane she didn't stand a chance from the outset" and called on the Mayor Boris Johnson to set a deadline for improvements.

Speaking to the BBC yesterday, her mother Anna went on to say, "I don't understand how they can put bicycles and motor vehicles so close together at this spot."

She called on the Mayor to set a deadline for change, so "no other family has to go through what we are".

Last Friday's fatal crash took place on Cycle Superhighway 2, one of the Mayor's flagship commuter routes, designed to encourage new cyclists.

Since it was built, Superhighway 2 has been subjected to constant criticism from the London Cycling Campaign and countless other campaign groups, bloggers and members of the public.

Despite passing through some of London's heaviest motor traffic (around 1200 lorries per day, or two every minute), the route provides no dedicated space for cycling.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, "Cycle Superhighway 2 runs along a very busy road with two or three lanes in each direction.

"Building high-quality segregated bike tracks with safe passage through junctions is perfectly possible here, and is the type of measure the Mayor committed to when he signed up to our Love London, Go Dutch campaign in 2012.

"All over London, cyclists are being asked to fight for roadspace with heavy, fast-moving motor traffic. Unless there's dedicated space for cycling, the Mayor should expect more cycling deaths on these types of roads."

Philippine de Gerin-Ricard came to London for four months to improve her English to benefit her business studies education.

Hundreds are expected to visit the scene of the fatal crash during a #space4cycling protest ride taking place tonight, departing from Tower Hill at 6pm.

LCC is supporting a vigil at City Hall before the protest ride organised by road victim charity RoadPeace.


Given the lack of visible action from Boris for some of the worst pinch points for cycling, what would happen if a group of guerilla cyclists simply started to put in the necessary physical segregation for the benefit of cyclists such as Phillipine? What is worse, breaking the law or dying?  After all, roadworks pop up everywhere, sometimes for months at a time and traffic still flows.  I think 'keeping traffic flowing' is a misnomer.

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