Ally Capellino Messenger Bag

Ally Capellino Tommo Messenger Bag £170


It’s hard not to love the Ally Capellino messenger bag – ultra discreet logo, leather straps, metal buckles, waxed canvas fabric, wide strap, zipped top and ample pockets, but not so many you loose your keys in pocket number 22.

Messenger bags have turned into a boom industry since the original Timbuk2 arrived in the 90’s, and many fashion designers like Ally Capellino (not to mention Gucci at £2,320 per bag) are in on the act.

Ally (Alison Lloyd) is a British designer who ‘loves cycling’ and her design sensibly combines the practicality of a capacious, waterproof (scientifically tested in my shower) and comfortable bag, (featuring laptop, document and phone pockets), with a vintage appearance that beats Brooks at the their own game. 

Little touches like leather reinforcement on the bag’s edges, a storm flap over the zip, matching waist strap,  subtle reflective piping and a plastic coated base show an understanding of good design.

The only real downside is the price but it’s bigger and cheaper than some naturqal fibre rivals and a bargain compared to a Capellino designer handbag.

And, if you have a baby, it doubles as a sling...

PROS Stylish, well finished and waterproof

CONS Slightly heavier than nylon bags


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