Architecture Ride: The Weald

Saturday 9th July 2005

A leisurely afternoon cycle ride on quiet country lanes in the flatter parts of the Kentish Weald looking at old timber-framed houses, medieval churches, and the distinctive rural villages in these parts.

Eleven of us out ventured out into the Kent Weald to look at some of the timber framed houses renowned in this area.

We were again led by Benny O'Looney who led our Norman Shaw ride and very kindly gave us the benefit of his architectural knowledge, and even managed to get us a view of the reverse side of a C15 'hall house' in Headcorn (which was also someone’s home!).

We had a lovely day, later on joined by the sun, cycling along country lanes, coming back from Appledore feeling tired but relaxed.

Click here to read Natalie's blog of the ride.

Benny shows us some of his favourite things in the Kentish Weald, like here in the village of Headcorn Credit: Philip Loy
Benny shows us some of his favourite things in the Kentish Weald, like here in the village of Headcorn (photo: Philip Loy)


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