Artist's handmade wallpaper celebrates London cycling

photo Artist Matthew Meadows hand-prints this fabulous cycle-themed wallpaper in his Brixton studio

A London artist is making wallpaper guaranteed to send cyclists into a frenzy of delight.

Matthew Meadows, who rides a 1961 track bike, hand-prints the bike-chain wallpaper in his studio in Brixton village.

Meadows said, "I've been riding my Freddie Grubb Comet around London for more than 30 years. My son George bought a 1959 Comet last year, and is a regular at nearby Herne Hill velodrome.

"The bikechain wallpaper came from my long love for cycling, and I was also inspired by a famous photo of Victorian engineer Sir Isambard Brunel standing in front of rows of ship's anchor chains with his stovepipe top hat on.   

"Other designs are quite personal too, such as a razorwire pattern that came from teaching art in London's prisons."

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