AT1 trailer, £249.99,

The single-seater aluminium AT1 is a top of the range adventure trailer — there’s also the AT3 alloy two-seater for £219 or the  ST3 steel two-seater for £169. It hitches onto the rear axle of any mtb or road bike and a 20in wheel means that it rolls well and steers easily. The child has good visibility with large side windows and a front window that can be open so you can hear them shouting ‘are we nearly there yet’ or closed to the elements with mesh or clear roll-down windows. It has ample storage, folds easily and takes children up to 18kg/40lb (approx age 3-4).

PROS: lightweight, value
CONS: child out of sight line


Is this a 'top of the range' review or a rehash of madison's advertising copy? We test rode one of these and, while it's not as flimsy as some of the models on sale in halfords, we wouldn't risk a child in this on the road and as for 'adventure', don't make me laugh! This thing would flip if you hit a pebble and we've overtaken a couple in Richmond Park taking it VERY carefully 'off-road'. We overtook in a Chariot 'Captain'. Probably weighs twice as much, but with a wider wheel base, (much) better hitch and virtually indestructable base/very strong roll cage, you can ride with twice as much confidence. While the Canadian manufacturers recommend that you don't exceed 15 mph, they crash test their trailers into real cars at over 30 mph. Madison wouldn't dare crash test one of these into a pedestrian, let alone a car!

PS: with the (optional, expensive...) extras, you can go skiing with the Chariot! Wheee!

This content was deleted by rosie_lcc at 5:58pm 15 April 2015.

This content was deleted by rosie_lcc at 5:58pm 15 April 2015.

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