Award-winning towpath link below Bow Roundabout shames Cycle Superhighway above

In sharp contrast to the condemnation of the lethal road layout at Bow roundabout, the £2.3 million suspended towpath just installed below it has received the highest accolade from the capital’s cycling community, a London Cycling Award.

The suspended towpath eliminates the need for walkers and cyclists using the Lea Valley towpath to  cross four lanes of traffic at Bow roundabout.

Speaking at last night’s London Cycling Campaign AGM, a representative of Award-winner British Waterways said the Bow roundabout must be radically improved so its facilities match those of the suspended towpath.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, “Cyclists and pedestrians crossing Bow roundabout east-west deserve the same protection from road danger that has been been provided for those travelling north-south.”

“Bow towpath is a deserving winner of a London Cycling Award for its engineering excellence. Its popularity shows the need for proper investment to eliminate major barriers to walking and cycling.”

The suspended towpath will eventually provide a north-south link to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, but the hazardous Bow roundabout and Stratford one-way system remain huge obstacles to safe cycling for people coming to the Olympic Park from central London or further east.

We're demanding the Mayor initiates an immediate redesign of Bow roundabout, where two cyclists have been killed in recent weeks.


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When you say "The suspended towpath will eventually provide a north-south link to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park"  this is incorrect as the towpath is now CLOSED until November for the duration of the Olympics !

Complete waste of money and bad planning building something for a purpose it can never be used for.

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