Barnet 'Great Divide' protest ride will highlight destructive effects of motor-centric urban planning

On 25 March 2012, cyclists are being urged to join Barnet Cycling Campaign's 'Great Divide' ride to highlight the destructive effect that motor-centric policies have on local lives.

More info: meeting point at New Southgate station (view map); 10am for 10.30 start

The marshalled ride, supporting the principles behind LCC's Love London, Go Dutch campaign (sign the petition) will cross the North Circular Road several times, demonstrating what a formidable barrier it is to those who want to travel around or across Barnet by bike.

David Shannon, Barnet Cycling Campaign coordinator said: "Many people already commute by bike across the A406, but so many more would if these junctions were made safe for cyclists.

"Our 12-mile marshalled ride will allow people to experience in safety the appalling lack of provision for locals and visitors trying to cycle across this vast highway, including the mayor's inadequate redesign of Henlys Corner.

"It seems that little has been learned since the construction of Staples Corner nearly 60 years ago, with the final design of Henlys Corner not even following the simple recommendations for cyclists in TfL's own Safety Audit."

The ride will finish with a picnic at Barnet's secret park in the centre of Staples Corner. 

LCC's Mike Cavenett said:"The borough of Barnet is a shocking warning to all Londoners of what the capital could look like TfL and councils spend years prioritising motor vehicle flows above the needs of all other road users."

What's needed in Barnet? 

  • The main north-south crossing points of the A406 to be included in TfL's junction review program, especially Henlys Corner. 
  • Infrastructure improvements to assist the growing number of people who are choosing to cycle across the A406. 
  • As part of the LCC’s Love London, Go Dutch campaign, a commitment from all the mayoral candidates that, as the head of TfL, they will see to it that whatever eventually happens at Staples Corner and Brent Cross, the design will include robust, high-capacity provision for cycling. 
  • Barnet Council to acknowledge that the growth in cycling is real and needs to be accommodated in the road not on the pavement.


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