Bereaved family joins local cyclists to remember tube driver killed riding in borough of Croydon

The family of Neil Turner, a London Underground driver killed while cycling to work on 10 July 2012, joined with Croydon Cycling Campaign to install a ghost bike memorial on Mitcham Road, near where the fatal collision took place.

Mr Turner is survived by five-month-old son Archie and fiancee Paula.

His brother Wayned (pictured above) added the finishing touches to a ghost bike donated by De Ver Cycle's Maurice Burton.

Local campaigners are calling for a 20mph speed limit on the residential street where Mr Turner was killed, which is also the location of primary and secondary schools.

Roy Turner, Neil's father, called for London's streets to be made safer for 'ordinary cyclists':

"Neil used to cycle all over the South-East with all his Underground friends. He knew the roads better than anyone; he knew how to keep safe. When Boris goes out on his bike he’s surrounded by police escorts, but he needs to make life a bit easier for ordinary cyclists."

Mr Turner is the ninth cyclist to die on London's roads in 2012.

Nine cyclists involved in fatal crashes so far in 2012

Since we reported the death of 18-year-old Oluntunji 'TJ' Adeyanju in Deptford Church Street earlier this year, five more cyclists have died (including Mr Turner):

  • Redwan Uddin, 5, Woodhouse Grove
  • Tarsem Dari, 60, Southall Broadway
  • Zakiyuddin Mamujee, 58, Pinner Road
  • Frank Mugisha, 41, Great Cambridge Road

Reporting fatalities has become more problematic as the Metropolitan Police no longer automatically informs campaign groups when a fatality has taken place.

LCC continues to press the Mayor and Transport for London to implement the principles set out in our Love London, Go Dutch campaign, to which Boris Johnson signed up in April.

Using a combination of segregated cycle tracks, cyclist-specific traffic lights and residential home zones, the Netherlands builds the safest streets for cycling in the world.

In August, we'll deliver our 100 days verdict on the Mayor's implementation of his Love London, Go Dutch commitments.

Only yesterday, a cyclist was lucky to escape death after being hit by a lorry on Blackfriars Bridge.


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