Bermondsey Street in central London returned to two-way for cyclists

photo Freshly painted markings show the new contraflow for cyclists on Bermondsey Street in SE1



From 30 September 2010, a section of Bermondsey Street, near London Bridge, has been returned to two-way for cyclists, though it remains one-way northbound for motor vehicles. 

Cyclists are now allowed to ride southbound between Leathermarket St and Long Lane.

The new contraflow section, which LCC has been lobbying for over several years, allows southbound access to LCC's head office via bike.

Previously, it was necessary for cyclists visiting LCC from the north to either walk their bicycles along Bermondsey St or follow convoluted routes to approach from the south.

Barry Mason of Southwark Cyclists (the LCC group in the borough) said, "We've been asking for this for years, and at last common sense won the day.

"This proves you don't need huge infrastructure for worthwhile projects. Sometimes paint will do. Gallons more everywhere please!"


The fact that Bermondsey street is two-way for cyclist is amazing - right now we just need to make the cars (especially the cab drivers) aware of it as well. The past 2 months Bermondsey street has been part of my daily commute, but in two months I've been hit/almost hit by cars (cabs only) 3 times. And oddly enough, they all seem to believe it to be my fault, because I ride opposite on a one way street. When I then tell them, that it is two-way for cyclist, they all seem surprised. How do we make the motorists become aware of this ? Apparently the paint on the road isn't enough.
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