Blackfriars casualty calls for safer junction and a permanent 20mph limit

Dr Clare Gerada is an eminent doctor, chair of Council at the Royal College of General Practitioners, the body that represents tens of thousands of GPs all over the UK.

She's also a practising GP in Kennington, south London.

Last Wednesday, at around 7.40am, she was knocked off her bike while trying to negotiate the dangerous turn from Blackfriars into Queen Victoria Street.

Despite being in a lot of pain (we spared you the sight of her enormous swollen foot and severe bruising in the video), Dr Gerada insisted on speaking out, in the hope that London's cycling mayor would listen to someone with first-hand experience of the dangers of Blackfriars.

Please sign our photo petition supporting 20mph at Blackfriars.


Just to send my best wishes to Dr Clare Gerada for a quick recovery and to support her in the struggle to get cycling in London a less dangerous pursuit. LCC you need to become a much more involved in this than your pursuit in new logos etc. :)
Hey this is a great bit of cycle campaigning and a great use of the website. Use of the video to interview a person injured interspersed with the traffic is a simple but effective video technique. Only thing is it needs to be used more publicly somehow. How do we make it go viral? Yes, more stuff like this is great. Just unfortunate that it's needed. But we also wish a speedy recovery for Dr Gerada.
Just as a question, would 20mph speed limit have made any difference in this case? Especially as there is already a 20mph speed limit on the junction on the north side of the bridge.

To be honest, the cyclists going north on Blackfriars are worse than the drivers... jumping the red at those lights, swinging dangerously through traffic, moving out into the road through impatience with slower cyclists in the cycle lane. Then there's the motorbikes overtaking traffic in the cycle lane.... at 40mph or more.

Last year I saw the aftermath of a cyclist run under the wheels delivery lorry that turned left onto Victoria Embankment.

Going back the other way there's the blind exit from the station construction site... HGV's pulling out, cars switching lanes at the last minute.

But for cyclists turning right onto Queen Vic St.. I just don't know how they're supposed to navigate this junction.

It's properly mad.  I do it every day but I'm hyper alert of all traffic in all directions.

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