Blue Door Bicycles in Crystal Palace trials ladies night for afterwork cycling shoppers

Blue Door Bicycles in Crystal Palace, SE19, is keen that cycling is fun for men and women, so it's holding an in-store ladies night on 17 November 2011, from 6-9pm.

Proprietor David Hibbs said, "We know many bike shops have a reputation for being a bit ‘blokey’, so we're holding a ladies night specifically so women can visit and feel comfortable talking about any aspect of cycling."

The evening will include discounts on clothing, bikes and accessories, and there'll be free maintenance demos, as well as a female cycle trainer giving tips and a sports physio for more free advice.

"It's an informal evening so there's no need to book, and we'll be providing free refreshments."

Blue Doors is a new community shop based in a location that's been a bike shop for over 50 years.

As well as mainstream products, it stocks smaller brands like London's Cyclodelic, Georgia in Dublin, and classic British gear from the likes of Brooks and Carradice.

Check out their website or Facebook page.



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