Campaigners Conference on 8 September: your chance to shape the future of London cycling

So many people have registered for our Campaigners Conference this Saturday that we've had to move the event to a larger room.

Don't miss your chance to get involved with shaping our 2014 local election campaign at this exciting event at South Bank University, near Elephant & Castle.

2014 is when we aim to put cycling on the agenda in every ward in every borough, all over Greater London.

Online registration is now closed, but please still come and register on the day (arrive promptly at 9.30am).

The conference will be an opportunity for old hands and new faces to hear a host of inspiring speakers - including the superb transport expert Christian Wolmar - and also to put forward their own ideas as to how we can transform London into a city that's truly safe and inviting for cycling.

The one-day conference runs from (9.30am-4pm), and will be followed by drinks in a nearby pub.

Campaigners Conference programme


Saturday 8 September 2012

Lecture Theatre A
Keyworth Centre
Keyworth Street
South Bank University
London SE1 6NG
(near Elephant & Castle).

Conference Objective

To stimulate discussion on cycling campaign strategies for:

  • 2013 focus campaign (pre-2014 election period)
  • 2014 London borough council elections


09.30 Registration & coffee

10.00 Welcome (LCC Chair of Trustees Andy Cawdell)

10.15 Conference address: London borough council elections (Chair of LCC Campaigns Committee Mustafa Arif)

10.45 Refreshments

11.15 Plenary session (Trustee Ann Kenrick & CEO Ashok Sinha)

  • Your views on the London Boroughs Strategy & focus campaign
  • What lessons have we learned on local campaigning that we can share?
  • How can we best energise and motivate our members and supporters?

12.15 Buffet lunch (provided)
13.15 Guest speaker: John Dales, urban planner with Urban Initiatives

13.45 Breakout workshops on key campaign issues

  1. What is the message to cyclists and non-cyclists? Making London Liveable
  2. Political engagement: how do we influence/link the key decision makers in our boroughs?
  3. Linkages: strengthening our message (economy, health, urban renewal, environment, equality)
  4. Social media: How do we communicate the message effectively locally?
  5. Borough campaigns. What do we aim for at borough level?

14.45 Refreshments

15.00 Campaign Action Planning (Chaired by Trustee Mustafa Arif)

15.45 Finale: Leading transport commentator & LCC Trustee Christian Wolmar

16.00 Drinks at Albert Arms (5 mins walk)

Cycle parking

On-street bike parking is available in many locations in and around Keyworth Street (stands and railings).

Only folding bikes can be taken inside; please store them at the back of the Lecture Theatre.

Please don't park in the staff car park behind the gates opposite the Keyworth Centre.


If you have any questions about venue accessiblity, please contact


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Please follow the registration link at the top of the article.

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