'Carry Me Bikes' in Hackney wants to make using cargo bikes an everyday activity

Last weekend, a new Yuba cargo bike was seen out and about in Hackney, carrying gardening equipment tools for a local environmental group.

The super-strength two-wheeler helped Sue (photo below) from the Friends of Homerton Station carry tools, so they could carry out wildflower seed planting at Mabley Green.

The bike was lent to them by Carry Me Bikes, a new social enterprise set up with a Community Cycling Fund for London grant.

Carry Me Bikes founder Alix Stredwick (top photo) said, "Cargo bikes can help reduce dependency on motorised transport.

"We want to make carrying loads by bike an everyday activity, like it is in many countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark." 

"We want to promote the practical, economic, environmental and health benefits cargo bikes to families, businesses and community groups in Hackney and beyond."

If you think a cargo bike could help you, please contact Alix... and don't forget to follow the group on Twitter.


Unless tfl amend their cycling planning guidelines this may never happen. I asked a question about what is happening to help tandems and tricycles when it comes to cycling planning the answer was nothing as tfl do not have any guidelines for it. I am the driver for a blind stoker and riding a tandem is the only way my stoker gets to ride a bike.

Recently we cycled from Paddington to Upminster. We lost count of how many zigzag obstacles we had to get off for and walk round, this includes a lot of so called cycle friendly traffic light systems. The good thing is a tandem is given a lot of room by London traffic, most of the time.

Let me know what tfl say about supporting this, the extra length of a cargo bike is just not considered in cycle planning.

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