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This is a message for Lucy Cooper.

I am the marketing manager for a number of cycling events in the UK. One of which is called Cycletta. This is an expanding series of women only bike rides on stunning safe routes on open roads throughout England. We are looking to hit participation numbers of around 5,000 this year with a very large proportion of participants from London.

One of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome is improving confidence for women to cycle on the open roads. We have found a great way of overcoming this fear and creating a ladies bike ride community at each event. Many of our entrants are now cycling around London and probably have an LCC membership.

I would like to discuss any promotional opportunities that may lay ahead where by we could promote the LCC at our South East events (or more) for Cycletta or potentially more! Please feel free to contact me on my mobile (07595220799) or email me on

Many Thanks,


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