Cycle Hire bike rider critically ill in hospital after central London lorry crash

A man in his 20s is in a serious condition in hospital after a crash involving a lorry at the corner of Gray's Inn Road and Clerkenwell Road.

Police say the man was taken to the Royal London Hospital with pelvic, chest and head injuries.

The victim had been riding a Barclays Hire Bike, which lay crushed and broken in the road after the crash.

It's believed the lorry was turning left out of Clerkenwell Road to travel south on Gray's Inn Road.

The crash happened shortly after 1pm on Friday afternoon,

Transport for London Chief Operating Officer for Surface Transport Garrett Emmerson released a statement after the crash:

"We are aware of an incident involving a cyclist on a Barclays Cycle Hire bike who was injured in a collision with a heavy goods vehicle at the junction of Grays Inn Road and Theobalds Road in Camden this lunchtime.

"Serious incidents involving Barclays Cycle Hire bikes are thankfully extremely rare and we will assist theMetropolitan Police and the local highway authority with their investigation into this incident."

LCC's road danger reduction campaigner Charlie Lloyd said: "We wish this poor young man all the best for a successful recovery."

Crash happened at danger junction

The Clerkenwell Road/Gray's Inn Road/Theobalds Road junction is notorious for being particularly hazardous for cyclists.

It is the major east-west route in this part of the West End and many large vehicles change lane and turn in every direction.

The lorry involved was a very old four-axle 30-tonne waste carrier of the type most often involved in serious injury cyclist crashes.

The truck was carrying an empty waste container at the time.

The design of this type of lorry makes it difficult for the driver to see pedestrians and cyclists on the near side when making a left turn.

Such large vehicles have to move to the right before making a left turn, leaving a wide gap and this can make unaware cyclists think there's a safe route ahead.

If the driver is turning into and area of road they cannot see, then they should only move at less than walking pace.

We've called for this type of lorry to be replaced with ones designed for urban use allowing the driver clear vision of all other road users.


In an ideal world all bicycle helmets would be fitted with a shrill whistle for the cyclist to use in a real emergency e.g. where a lorry is about to crush him. The noise would be loud enough to induce the driver to step on the brake.

Goodwheel Rentabike:


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Cyclists having whistles to warn off lorries is possibly the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard of.

No - that would be the idea that helmets have any part to play in protecting cyclists against lorries

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Such dangers might happen in anyone's life. One can't do anything in such untoward incidents. What forms the base is the essay services that are given to the victims soon after the accident took place. One should be very much thankful to them.

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