Cycle parking requirements for new buildings haven't risen for a decade

photo Guardian Media Group provides cycle parking for a quarter of its workforce in its central London office

The Mayor Boris Johnson is refusing to amend the out-of-date London Plan, which urgently needs stronger demands on developers to put more cycle parking in new buildings.

The requirements haven't risen in over a decade, while at the same time cycling in London has doubled (up 117% since 2000, according to the mayor's own figures).

The capital’s cycle parking standards for new developments still only demand one parking space for every 250 sq m of office space, which can mean as little as one for every 40 occupants.

For example, London’s tallest building, The Shard in Southwark, will have just 250 bike spaces for 9000 people (1 for every 36 occupants).

LCC's Tom Bogdanowicz said, "Right now London's councils are copying these out-of-date standards into their Local Development Frameworks, so these woefully inadequate standards will permeate into every borough.

"If the Mayor really wants to cut emissions and reduce car use, he needs to ensure that developers deliver to a standard that allows 20% of staff to cycle rather than 2%.

"We've shown evidence that where there's decent provision for cyclists - such as the Guardian Media Group's 200 spaces for 800 staff and Freshfields solicitors 154 spaces for 1000 staff - it gets filled up quickly."

Contact your local council

Write to your local councillor ( and tell them Londoners need a minimum of one space for every 25 sq m of office space (around 1 for every 4 people), rather than one for 250 sq m for an office.


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