Cycle route closure reversed in Olympic Park after objections

Closure of cycle route through Olympic Park reversed after objections from London Cycling Campaign and other stakeholders

Plans to close key Olympic Park bike routes at night are being dropped following intervention by LCC and other stakeholders.  The proposed evening closure would have banned cycling after 7pm along two flagship cycleways linking Leyton with Hackney and Tower Hamlets. The routes, which pass the Velodrome, are likely to be used by visitors to the circuit as well as commuters.   They were designed originally to be accessible and fully lit at night but this was undermined by London Legacy Development Corporation plans to fence off the whole of the North Park for security reasons.

Following objections from LCC and others the routes will remain open 24/7, like the Greenway near the main stadium,  for a trial period of one year. The rest of the North Park will remain fenced off and no motor vehicles will be allowed through.  By using the routes some cyclists will be able to avoid the unpleasant Eastway route and for those travelling from Leyton there will be much more direct routes to central London via Hackney.  But one major obstacle along the route remains in place – a set of steps /lift at one end of a bridge across the River Lea Navigation Canal towpath. Until land issues are resolved  a ramp cannot be installed. 




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