Finding your way around London

London Cycling Network

Cycling on back streets can be much more enjoyable than on main roads, but it can also be slower.

During the 2000s, there was an attempt (not a very good one) to build a London Cycle Network, which used smaller roads but tried to make them direct and cycle-friendly.

It was a worthwhile project, but was only 60% finished, with many of the most important parts left incomplete.

Cycle Superhighways

More recently, direct commuter routes have been installed (find out more here), which are visible by their blue paint.

Note, however, that these routes are not likely to be safer than normal busy roads, and still require skill when there is heavy traffic or multiple lanes of traffic.

London Cycling Maps

The London Cycle Guides are a set of cycle route maps, originally developed by us in 2002, and now published and given away free by Transport for London.

They cover all of Greater London, and show routes advantageous to cyclists, including parts of the London Cycling Network and the Cycle Superhighways.

They also show traffic-free routes in canals and parks, and some areas blocked to cyclists.

14 maps are required to cover the whole of Greater London, so you'll probably want several to cover areas where you plan to ride.

You can order the maps here.

Cyclestreets journey planner

Our friends at Cambridge Cycling Campaign have developed an excellent cycle-specific route-planner, which we've embedded in our website.

You can access it on our home page.


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