Cycle To Work Guarantee scheme could do more for employees

The Department for Transport has launched a new scheme to encourage employers to be more cycle-friendly.

Employers are being encouraged to sign the voluntary Cycle To Work Guarantee scheme. Signators pledge to provide better cycle facilities for staff.

Safe parking, the Cycle To Work loan scheme, onsite maintenance, lockers, changing rooms and washing facilities are some of the measures the scheme aims to make more common popular. 

Around 70 employers, including LCC, have signed up, including 17 central government offices, some of which have been criticised in the past for not encouraging cycling among staff.

Mike Cavenett, LCC’s communications officer, said: "We welcome the scheme, in particular that it puts lots of information about grants and advice in one place.

"However, the actual guarantees that organisations sign are not that strong. For example, there's no commitment to make improvements within a certain length of time.

"LCC would like to see better tax incentives, and larger grants to encourage healthy, sustainable transport."


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