Do you need secure cycle parking near you?

Since our original story about Bikehangars in Lambeth (see article below), many of you have told us that you would like to see Bikehangars in the street where you live or work. With more councils taking an interest in the scheme we want to know where you think they should be placed.  

Tell us where you want secure bike parking

Original story:

As well as installing 27 of its secure residential 'Bikehangars' in the London Borough of Lambeth, cycle parking pioneers Cyclehoop now has five more local councils ready to follow suit - Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Lewisham and Southwark - with another 30 bikehangars being installed in coming weeks.

Bikehangars are installed on the public highway, and each one can store six bicycles in half the space used to park a single car.

The storage units look similar to fietshangar designs seen in many Dutch towns and cities (see the photo from Rotterdam below), but the British versions come with an ingenious web-management portal, making it easy for local councils to allocate the spaces.

Cyclehoop managing director Anthony Lau said, "Our Bikehangers are installed fully managed, which means local residents can search for a space near them using our online rental portal, while councils love the fact that they don't have to worry about managing them.

"For just £42 per year, plus a key deposit, individuals receive 24-hour access to secure cycle storage near their home."

Many residents in London cite lack of space in their home and insecure on-street parking as reasons for not owning a bicycle.

Chris Woods, a Lambeth resident said, “I've been using the Bikehangar daily, and love it. Strangers stop me in the street to ask how they might get a place too. I'm sure we could manage another six hangars in our square alone.”

Lambeth Council leads the way

Lambeth Council was the first to trial these secure bike lockers at locations in Bonnington Square and Crimsworth Road.

Cycle Parking Programme Manager Eric Duvall said, "They were an instant hit with residents and feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

"All of the spaces were filled within a short period of time and we are currently working on installing more at both locations to meet this encouraging demand."

The council has now installed 29 'Lambeth bike hangers', creating 174 secure cycle parking spaces in an area of high-density housing in Vauxhall that's less than one square mile.

It expects more to follow...


Puts into perspective the incredible bargain of being able to clog up a public street with your private car for a mere hundred quid or so a year ... or even for nothing if you're not in a controlled parking zone!

Yes - these bikehangars should be free to use. Vehicles with low or no CO2 emissions get free residents' parking permits....

Anyone know where they're being sited in the 5 other boroughs?

Hi Baron Samedi

All motor vehicles cause CO2 emissions of course, unless you happen to have a huge personal solar electric array on your roof! Powering vehicles by batteries and electric motors has many advantages, but as far as CO2 emissions are concerned these are effectively transferred to power stations, with attendant transmission losses, as well as to the factories where the limited-life batteries are made. Out of sight is, to an extent, out of mind.

I can understand why local authorities have been using the controlled parking zone permit mechanism to try to influence people to choose less polluting motor vehicles, but, like the congestion charging zone, it's not what the system was really set up for. Storing motor vehicles of whatever type on street means that space is taken up, and indeed hazards are presented (doorings, obstructed sightlines etc). Some charge should be made for this loss to the commons.

As for charges for secure cycle parking facilities like these, it's tempting to make it free, but it's generally better in practice to charge something. Experience with similar facilities such as Bikeaway lockers shows that charging helps people to value the facility and treat it better, and also means that spaces are quickly freed up when people stop using them. Plus it's good to have a contribution towards the not inconsiderable capital and revenue costs involved.

The Hackney LCC group, which I chair, has been nudging our council to investigate secure on-street residential cycle parking for some years, pointing to the long-standing success of such units in Rotterdam, particularly. We're delighted that they've now approved their use and secured some funding, following Lambeth's commendable lead. LCC members in Allen Road N16 and Queensdown Road E5 have consistently expressed interest, so these streets are among the candidates for the first hangars.

People in any of the boroughs covered can register an interest in having secure cycle parking in their street here.

Trevor - yes - agree about the supposedly emissions-free vehicles. I was more making the case that bikes shouldn't cost more to park than these. In general, though, it makes sense (in overall welfare terms) to charge car users more to cover the costs of the scheme, and charge as little as possible for cyclists. 

Agreed, too, that a small charge will stop people hanging on to locker places they're not using.  £42 a year,  though, is too expensive - and it means that a car parking space that will cost a car user £100 a year will end up costing cyclists £504 a year (2 hangars - 12 bikes).  £15 a year is probably more like the right amount...

I agree with you that car parking should cost at least the same per square metre as cycle parking, Baron, if not a lot more. Being able to monopolise ten square metres of public space in the most expensive city in Europe for a hundred quid a year is a STEAL!!!

Sorry to say that Islington (ICAG) was only lukewarm when these were proposed by council officers in Islington about two years ago.  Our concern at the time was trying to find and suggest locations that didn't remove all important precious residents parking.  It does look as if we're on the back foot now.

Hi All - we're getting these in Waltham Forest now too, check out for more details :-)

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Does anyone know if Islington Council have adopted or is considering adopting the Bikehangars scheme? And if not, how does one go about asking them to do so?
And I see that ICAG was described as "lukewarm" towards the scheme? Is that still the case and if so, why?

  • By Alison at 9:42am 20 September 2015

local councils do seem to favour car owners when canvassing opinion about cycle hangars. I'm trying to get one installed in our road. We have had one objection and already the council has caved in and suggested moving it to another less central location. I know also I'll be receiving flak from neighbours for requesting one as I don't have a car and everyone else has one or more than one! And I'm not the one polluting the atmosphere, killing and injuring people or paving over front gardens all in the name of the car!

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