Cycling fatality in Archway - we call on Londoners to join our ‘space for cycling’ protest on Monday 2 September

photo of Archway Road

After a man in his sixties was killed cycling in Archway this morning, we've renewed our call for Londoners to join our protest ride on 2 September telling the Mayor that city streets must be made much safer for cycling.

Details of ‘space for cycling’ protest ride on Monday 2 September

The London Ambulance service reported the death via Twitter at 11.24am, while the London Evening Standard has reported that a lorry was involved, and that the crash took place on Archway Road. The lorry is believed to be a 7.5-tonne box van with a Dublin registration plate.

The Evening Standard and ITV London both interviewed local shopkeeper Haq Awan who called the ambulance when he saw the cyclist in the street. He said, "I don't know if he was hit or if he fell down by himself". He added, "The driver came up to me and said that he looked in his nearside mirror and saw the man falling down. That was the reason he stopped, but he was sure he didn’t hit anyone."

London’s air ambulance service attended the crash, as it has over 30 collisions involving serious injuries to cyclists already this year.

LCC’s Mike Cavenett said, "It's dreadful to learn of yet another cycling fatality, and our thoughts are with the victim's family and friends.

“The streets around Archway are a notoriously dangerous place to cycle and walk, and local people have protested in an effort to have the area redesigned to make it more people-friendly.

“We urge all Londoners to join our peaceful protest ride on the evening of Monday 2 September, where we expect thousands to join us to tell the Mayor to provide dedicated space for cycling.”

"Separating bicycles and motor traffic at busy roads and junctions using continental-style infrastructure is an essential part to make cycling safe and inviting for everyone.”

The mass ride on Monday 2 September will be the third ‘space for cycling’ protest, after thousands took to the streets in Aldgate and Holborn after fatalities at those locations in recent weeks.


  • By anita at 8:50am 6 August 2013

We need segregated cycle lanes on a large scale and big lorries taken out of the equation, before we are all dead.

Anita - we are not all going too die - there may have been no collision here. Let's see what comes out about the cause of this sad event.

  • By Kenedy at 9:09am 7 August 2013

Firstly, the man wasn't in his forties - he was in his sixties (he's actually a friend of my family). And it is also not yet known whether he actually had a heart attack which caused him to lose control of his cycle. The autopsy result is still pending.

Not that I don't agree entirely that the infrastructure needs to be changed to make roads safer for cyclists - but also think it's important to report actual facts.

  • By fernlyn at 2:26pm 9 August 2013


I truly think that slowing down the traffic would help enormously ( and we would not need to build any infrastructure for this, just the speed signs.

We've corrected the age of the ride. The error was based on early media reports.


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