Cycling for adults with learning disabilities now available in Barnet

Norwood - cycle training

Until now the London borough of Barnet sorely lacked opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to cycle.

Norwood, a charity which supports people with learning disabilities, implemented Barnet’s first cycle sessions for adults with learning disabilities in summer 2009 after successfully applying for funding from the Community Cycling Fund for London.

The charity also put in a bid for funding from PlaySport London to run a similar project in Redbridge. The Redbridge group meets regularly at the Redbridge Cycle Centre, Hoghill.

Both projects address a clear barrier to cycling for people with learning disabilities by offering access to specially-adapted bikes and sufficient support to enable this activity to be as real and as effective as possible for participants.

Lee Salmon, project leader, said

‘It is amazing to see how much everyone enjoys the cycling sessions. Cycling provisions for adults with learning disabilities have been missing, especially in Barnet. This is a great opportunity to rectify this.’


Norwood’s Adult opportunities service is very much user-led and direction is steered through consultations with those that use the services provided.

Norwood worked with Cycle Training UK (CTUK) to deliver an initial eight-week set of sessions. Experienced instructors worked with small groups, pairs and on a one-to-one basis to suit everybody’s needs and to develop each individual’s potential.

Across both projects, 50 participants have attended so far from complete novice to returning cyclists to regular cyclists. The projects are continuing to run in 2010.

Fact file

Name: Get on your Bike - Norwood
Purpose: Create opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to learn to ride.
Awarded £4,990 by the Community Cycling Fund for London in 2009.
Activities: Cycle training and cycling sessions.

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