Cycling in the countryside for East London kids

Tower Hamlets Cycling Club

The family-run Tower Hamlets cycling club recently took its participants on a 3-day cycling trip to the New Forest, Hampshire, to teach the kids how to deal with more difficult off road terrain and how to use their gears to the best effect.

21 kids and 5 parents had the opportunity to experience cycling in a completely different environment. Usually their rides take them around the East End of London.

Their daily rides included routes along old railway tracks, through the area's beautiful forests and through scenic villages.

The club operates in a low income area of London and for many of the kids it was the first time they had been outside of London for a holiday. Being able to cycle outside of their usual urban settings without traffic, noise and concrete made this an unforgettable adventure.

Some of the club’s regular activities are funded by the Community Cycling Fund for London. The trip to New Forest was funded by Help a London Child.


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I just wondering about fitnes of london kids, I think good weather assist to build up their fitness. 


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I have been checking out a few of london kids stories that focus their health and fitness, my kids also missed.



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