"Cyclists beware" at Waterloo Bridge

A 'Cyclist Beware' sign has been put up at Waterloo Bridge Roundabout as Transport for London makes changes to the roads and pavements. Cyclists who use the bridge recommend that you take extra care coming onto the bridge from Waterloo roundabout and as you approach the roundabout from the north.

Regular users of the roundabout recently discovered that the cycle lanes marked on the bridge now come to an abrupt halt near the roundabout and the road becomes more narrow. Cyclists have reported concerns about being squeezed by fast moving buses and lorries. LCC has raised the issue with Transport for London.

If you are a cyclist who uses Waterloo Bridge and have comments on the changes please send them to us using the form below.

Stay in touch and support this campaign by joining LCC. As well as funding our work, members campaign with us locally and across the capital. Follow the link on the right for more information.


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