Cyclists urged to add suggestions to Cycle Parking 4 London website

photo Cyclists all over Greater London are being urged to add parking suggestions to LCC's website

Cyclists all over Greater London are being urged to add their suggestions to LCC's parking website.

Communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "The mayor and the boroughs are committed to installing thousands of new cycle parking spaces, so it makes sense for cyclists to tell them where these spaces should be.

"It only takes a few seconds to add a suggestions for on-street, workplace, residential parking. Or maybe you're not happy with the facilities at your nearest transport hub?"

"We'll be passing all your suggestions on to decision-makers in the coming months."



Do you have any comments about cycle parking in the UK?

If so I would like to hear from you soon.

I am a cyclist and particularly understand concerns about leaving bikes at stations because I know so many people who claim station bike parking is inadequate.

I am working on a feature about developments in provision and charging in cycle parking in the UK. It will consider how the Mayor of London's cycle hire and parking scheme has grown and whether it is still causing issues because of the amount of space being taken to park the bicycles. The article will also look at provision for parking bicycles in other British cities.

Also, the article will consider whether any councils have plans in place to start charging for bicycle parking. The feature will also assess  whether the British parking industry is, or isn’t responding to the drive to get more people on bikes.

This article will be published in the September 2011 issue of 'Parking News'. This magazine is published by the British Parking Association.

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