Disabled cycling charity seeks sponsors after arson attack

photo The aftermath of a fire that destroyed thousands of pounds of cycling equipment in Brockwell Park

A Brixton-based charity that encourages disabled cyclists, and has close links to LCC, is having to review its Lambeth project after its storeroom was destroyed by arson.

It's hoped a new storeroom can be found to continue cycling sessions for the disabled, and financial donations are welcomed to help replace fire-damaged bikes and to buy a new storage container (visit the website for more details on how you can help).

Wheels For Wellbeing manager Janet Paske said, "As it stands, we can’t run any sessions from Brockwell Park until the spring.

"That means the people who were coming to us for fun, fresh air and cycling will suffer because there is nowhere else near with the range of bikes that we offer."

Arson attack wiped out storeroom and bikes
The fire on the night of Friday 16 October destroyed 12 three and four-wheeled cycles and 11 bicycles. It also rendered the brick storeroom near the lido unusable.

Paske said, "We really need somewhere to store our bicycles, and perhaps to run our sessions too."

The fire is currently being investigated by Brixton Police. Fortunately, Wheels For Wellbeing's Monday and Saturday sessions in Croydon are not affected.

Email Janet via the website if you can help, or to find out when the Lambeth sessions start again.


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