Diversions around Burgess Park until March 2012 while it gets £6 million makeover

Anyone trying to walk or cycle across Burgess Park during the last few days has found an increasing number of obstacles in their way, as Southwark Council fences and boards off large parts of the green space in preparation for major works.

Commuters and local residents must use Camberwell Road, Albany Road, Wells Way and Coburg Road instead of usual short-cuts across the park, with renovations expected to continue until March 2012.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "The fences went up very quickly without much explanation, and there were plenty of confused cyclists and dog walkers in the park last week.

"Southwark Council has agreed to put up more notices on the edge of the park explaining the diversions, and hopefully the map here will help too."

The council won a competition run by the mayor to enhance selected green spaces in Greater London, and will benefit from a £6 million makeover (see below).

New cycle routes will form part of the proposed improvements.


  • By JHW at 12:56pm 12 August 2011

I cycle through BP twice a day on my commute. So far the route from the top of Wells Way through to the Surrey Canal tow path is fully accessible.

I must say I shall be disappointed if they decide to close the whole park (as shown) for such a longer period, this seems excessive. Hopefully they willbe able to do their work incrementally thus limiting the inconvenience.

It is an area that is well desrving of a makeover and I hope the work lives up to our hopes/expectations.

  • By JHW at 7:47am 15 August 2011


Looks like I'm going to be diappointed (see above). Fencing is springing up all over the place. My route is now blocked and looks like it is about to become further blocked.


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Further Update:

It would appear that some buried diesel tanks have delayed the opening.

Source http://www.evolutionquarter.org/2011/12/04/burgess-park-transformation-update/

  • By Tomm at 1:50pm 17 March 2015

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