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Some residents of Narrow Street in East London have attracted astonishment from cyclists after claiming that their street isn't wide enough for bicycles.

500 residents have signed a petition calling for Cycle Superhighway 3 to be redirected, potentially along five-lane A13 (Commercial Road), and threatening court action if their demands aren't met.

The action comes despite the fact that no road space was reallocated to cyclists on this section of Superhighway 3, with only blue paint and bicycle symbols painted on the road marking the cycle lane's route.

LCC's Charlie Lloyd said, "Apparently, this street is wide enough for lorries, vans and cars - and many parking spaces - but not for bicycles."

Contraflow should be redesigned

LCC fully supports the Cycle Superhighway route along Narrow Street as the best link between Docklands and the City. 

Further along the route there are concerns about Horseferry Road (E14, pictured below), where the cycle contraflow lane should be moved away from the ‘wrong side’ of the one-way street.

The current layout creates confusion at junctions: cyclists, drivers and pedestrians have complained about the increased risk of collisions.

LCC is meeting with Transport for London and Tower Hamlets council soon to discuss resolving this problem.


em try naval row E14 for a narrow road this is one lane when cars are parked whith narrow street there is room for both 

i have read about this ages ago and its since the blue Cycle superhighway paint went down

I have used this road for many years and it is safe and easy to use. Commercial Road is hideously busy, with fast moving and very dangerous driving conditions for anyone cycling. Those who want to direct responsible cyclists from a quiet, safe and pleasant route onto a road that WILL lead to fatalities need to reconsider their opinions. I'd be more than happy to escort anyone of the local residents who are complaining on a bike ride along commercial road at rush hour to help them see what it's all about
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