Eight more streets in the City of London are being returned to two-way for cycling

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The City of London is planning to make eight more streets that are currently one-way into two-way for cycling.

In October 2012, the City consulted on proposals to return 33 more one-way streets in the City two-way for cycling.

At the time, we urged our supporters to respond in favour of the measures.

These improvements are to permit people to cycle in the contraflow direction or convert existing one-way streets to two-way for all vehicles.

Following that consultation, City officers introduced cycle permeability measures to 18 streets in February 2013, and will now make a further eight streets two-way for cycling on Monday 12 August 2013. 

  • Aldermanbury (pictured above)
  • Bouverie Street 
  • Cloak Lane 
  • College Street 
  • Copthall Avenue  
  • Great Swan Alley 
  • Portsoken Street 
  • Whitefriars Street   

London Cycling Campaign's Mike Cavenett said, "The City of London was a deserved winner of the Best Borough Cycling Initiative at the 2013 London Cycling Awards for its programme to return more streets to two-way for cycling.

"We're delighed to hear more streets will be treated in this way, and hope many more boroughs look at what's being done in the City and in Camden, and replicate it in their own areas."

More information on the City's contraflow cycling programme can be found on its website.


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