Elephant and Castle roundabout to be "transformed", but missed opportunity at Euston Circus junction

Elephant and Castle graphic

The London Cycling Campaign welcomes Transport for London's promise to "transform" the horrendous Elephant and Castle roundabout, but says the junction design must be much better than the new Euston Circus redevelopment.

TfL has today announced how it is going to spend the £4 billion allocated in it's budget for major new road developments, with the redevelopment of Elephant and Castle among the most eye-catching of the new projects (see the graphic above).

This news follows hot on the heels of the announcement last week, also welcomed by LCC, that £300 million will be spent on making 33 of the nastiest junctions in London safer for cycling, in line with the best cycling design standards seen internationally.

Responding to today's announcement, LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said:

"The Elephant and Castle is a terrible place for cycling and walking, and totally out of tune with what a modern town centre in a world-class city should be like.

"It's fantastic news that it is going to be redeveloped, and a golden opportunity for the Mayor to show he really means it when he says he wants the capital to be second to none for getting about by bike."

Today's statement from TfL also includes announcing the completion of the junction redevelopment at Euston Circus (see below).

Unfortunately, while intentions are good at Euston, delivery on the ground at this location falls short of the international quality standards local campaigners have been calling for.

In particular, the use of ASLs at a very busy junction like this is no substitute for measures such as protected lanes alongside separate traffic light phases for cyclists and motor vehicles.

We're calling on the Mayor to make sure the new schemes at Elephant and Castle and other major junctions provide genuine protected space for cycling in order to 'design out' the risk of collisions, and ensure safe and inviting conditions for anyone to cycle.

Euston Circus - before and after


I'm not sure that the Euston Circus scheme had 'good intentions'; it seems to be a scheme purely to increase motor traffic capacity, and any claim that it improves cycling conditions is dishonest. In fact it involved the removal of a segregated cycle path that previously existed across this junction (westbound segregated cycle path that ran beside the road in front of University College Hospital and crossed Tottenham Court Road - see picture above).

Taxpayers should be furious that millions of pounds of their money has been wasted on a junction which is no better than what preceded it, and that millions more will need to be spent in order to make it fit for purpose. There is plenty of space for safe segregated cycle paths, but instead it is given over to hire bike docking points, wide footways, trees, or additional motor traffic lanes. It is as if cycling was completely ignored at the core design stage, and a few ASLs were put in at the end as a tokenistic gesture.

I agree with the comment above. You are being way too nice to TfL. The changes to Euston Circus aren't just "short of the international quality standards", they are miles off. The new junction will still only be used by the same people who used the last design, so sorry kids, but you'll still have to be ferried around by car, along with 99% of the population. The few who dare to cycle here probably wouldn't enjoy it either. What a complete waste of money and time.

On another note, why are there ASLs in the picture at the top?

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