Eliminating London’s lorry danger – you can help

Five cyclists have died this year in crashes with HGV lorries. They still create the greatest risk of serious injury to cyclists in London, despite the dangers being known for some time. The transport industry needs to do more.

Companies should only use the safest road transport companies - that's the message LCC is putting out to firms in Greater London, and is calling for employee and consumer pressure to push the message home.

LCC is working with the employers of lorry victims, the press, and CycleTraining UK to launch the campaign.

"Cycle awareness" driver training is essential for the road transport and construction industries to tackle the crisis in road safety plaguing their industry.

LCC is calling on members and the public to help persuade companies to implement this training:

What can you do?

  • At work, insist that your employer and suppliers use companies that take a proactive approach to the safety of unprotected cyclists, pedestrians and motorbikers;
  • As a consumer, look out for companies who support the safer driving campaign;
  • Watch out for the launch of the training programme, then get your company to subsribe;
  • Lobby your local council to sign up following the example of Lambeth Council.




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