Family of cyclist killed by car say not guilty verdict for motorist is 'disgusting'

Relatives of a cyclist killed in Barnet in 2010 expressed anger at the verdict when the motorist that struck her was found not guilty of careless driving.

Zoe Sheldrake, 31, was hit by Clive Sanford's black Audi on the northbound stretch of the A41 Edgware Way, close to junction 4 of the M1, early on 26 April 2010.

Jurors deliberated for six hours at Wood Green Crown Court before a majority verdict found Mr Sanford not guilty of causing death by careless driving.

Members of Ms Sheldrake's family in court said the decision was "disgusting".

We visited the scene of the crash shortly after it happened, asking if this was the most dangerous cycle crossing in the UK.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "Too often cyclists are exposed to unacceptable risks on the road, and have to suffer a legal system that refuses to insist that motorists are responsible for their actions."


  • By paul at 4:34pm 11 September 2011

The problem is that the majority of the jury would have been drivers who see that they could have been responsible for such an event. Of course the typical standard of driving can't be called careless - can it ?

If a driver who is NOT careless can kill a cyclist at this crossing then the crossing itself must be dangerous and the engineer that designed it should be prosecuted.


  • By paul at 4:34pm 11 September 2011

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  • By Taj at 3:18pm 18 September 2011

Perhaps prosecutors should checked that cyclists are fairly represented on the Jury in cases such as these.

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  • By Tomm at 2:44pm 17 March 2015

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