Family of Ellie Carey organise vigil and call for action to improve cyclist safety in London

A vigil will take place for Ellie Carey at 6pm on Wednesday 14 December, with participants asked to meet at 5.45pm at Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey Square, very close to the junction where the fatal crash took place.

The family of Eleanor 'Ellie' Carey, the 22-year-old student cyclist (pictured above) killed by a lorry in Tower Bridge Road, has spoken out against the lack of action to improve cyclist safety in Greater London.

Ellie's brother Peter told us, ""While we cannot change the past, the future is unwritten, and we hope the tragic deaths of 16 cyclists in London this year will result in action being taken in making improvements in safety for cyclists.

"Rather than just the promise of another 'review', action needs to be taken. And if Transport for London and the Mayor have ignored recommendations to improve the safety of junctions, they must explain why.

"It's extremely disappointing an opportunity to discuss the issue of cycle safety in the London Assembly was lost on Wednesday 7 December 2011 due to childish antics of supposedly pro-cycling Conservative assembly members."

Emma Atkinson, Ellie's sister-in-law, reacted angrily on Twitter to the walkout of Conservative assembly members, and last week gave her support to our campaign for safer streets for cyclists:

"Fully behind your campaign for safer roads in London as a grieving family member of this morning's tragedy #heartbroken"

Speaking to Ross Lydall of the Evening Standard, Ellie's father Allister Carey described the family's meeting with senior Transport for London official Daniel Moylan:

"I said to him: 'In your position as deputy chairman, I want you to see what the human agony is rather than just the mere statistics."

Ellie Carey was in her second year studying International Development at London Metropolitan University.

It's believed she was travelling to lectures in Moorgate when she was in a fatal collision with an articulated lorry on Friday 2 December at around 10.05am.

Her father said she had bikes at her family home in Guernsey and in London, and was a cautious cyclist.

photo Peter Frankland


I feel very sorry for Ellie's family and offer my deepest sympathy. I do really hope that something is done to improve cyclists safety this year so fewer families do not have to feel the anguish for lost or injured relatives. 

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