FREE cycling portraits by a pro photographer at the London Bike Polo Championships

From 12-3pm on Sunday 26 August, we'll snapping another collection of cool cyclist photographs (see above) at the Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (see below) in Bethnal Green Gardens.

Don't miss this rare chance for you (and a friend or family) to get a FREE photographic portrait of you and your bike(s).

Our first mass photoshoot took place in January, just before the launch of our Love London, Go Dutch campaign, when we snapped around 80 people in one day.

Our photo booth will be open from 12-3pm, and will be manned by our Steve Rutherford, a fabulous volunteer pro who specialises in shooting people portraits (and loves bikes).

We'll also be at the Championships on Saturday, to watch the 70 teams from 15 different countries taking part in one of the fastest growing cycle sports in the world.

Expect fast action, incredible goals and the occasional spectacular crash from 9am until 8pm from 25-26 August in Bethnal Green Gardens, East London.

And if you're also around on Friday 24 August, come along to Hell's Belles at the same location from 11am until 8pm: this female tournament promises an equally stunning day of bike polo.


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