Information on free cycle parking and bike repairs during the Paralympics

Getting around London during the Olympic and Paralympic Games is best done on a bike. However traffic during the games might affect cycle journeys as well. Here is some information to help avoid problems.

Temporary Cycle Parking

You can find details of  more than a dozen addtional free cycle parking locations in central London at the Transport for London website.  Some will be supervised. They include locations around the Mall and  Green Park , useful for the cycling road races, as well as some in the City and West End for commuters switching to bike for the Games period. There are three supervised cycle parking locations around the Olympic Park the largest being in the SE corner of Victoria Park near Cadogan Terrace. At London Bridge, where station parking has been removed, temporary bike parking stands are avaliable in Guy's Hospital and in Borough Market (The nearby On Your Bike shop has chargeable surpervised parking).  

Free Bike Repairs

Free bike repairs, by professional mechanics,  are being provided during the Paralympics at the cycle parking hubs around the Olympic Park (Victoria Park, Abbey Lane and Eton Manor). Staff are on duty from 11am till 7pm daily during the games. Labour is free of change but you have to pay for new parts.

Road Closures

There will be some road closures that affect cyclists. Check Get Ahead Of The Games for up-to-date information. There is information on the Mall closure from Westminster Cyclists here.

Towpath closures

Towpaths closures aren't on either Get Ahead Of The Games or the TfL journey planner. The latest information we have is here.

Olympic Route Network (ORN) & Paralympic Route Network (PRN)

The ORN and PRN (opens a PDF) is a network of roads linking Games venues and other important destinations.

The lanes will be open at all times, but will have lane restrictions for all road users.

To keep the network clear for Games vehicles and to keep traffic moving, temporary changes will be in operation, such as parking restrictions or 'Games Lanes'.

Games Lanes

Paralympics Update:  almost all the Games Lanes have been removed.  The main exceptions are the lanes immediately beside the Olympic Park. This includes the section of Eastway where Dan Harris was killed by a bus on 1st August.

The Games Lanes can be either the nearside lane (on single carriageways) or in lane 2 or 3 where possible.

Buses and bicycles will usually be allowed to use the nearside lanes with some exeptions. But all non Olympic vehicles are prohibited from using Games Lanes in lane 2 or 3.

In this case only Games Family vehicles are allowed in the Games Lanes during their hours of operation, which are 6am until midnight.

On the spot information will be provided using electronic signs.

Expect Games Lane restrictions to be rigorously enforced.

Banned turns

You may find some temporary banned turns during the Olympics - eg, along the Embankment.

Cyclists are not exempt, and details can be found at Get Ahead Of The Games.

Cycle parking

There will be many more commuters on bikes, and we recommend checking the area around where you work and with your employer to make sure you can store your bike. See TfL link above for temporary cycle parking locations.

Bike Dock Solutions have put in 60 extra bike parking spaces in Shoreditch. Other companies are expected to do the same.

Cycle Hire

Public hire bikes will remain available throughout the Games period, but some docking stations have been taking out of service.

Demand is expected to be very high, but smartphone apps and the TfL website can help making sure bikes and docking spaces are available.

Information about other opportunities to hire bicycles can be found here.

Bikes on trains

Taking non-folding bikes on trains is likely to be severely restricted. Find more information here.


Has anyone worked out exactly what 'cycle lane suspended' means in the context of the ORN?  If ORN are in the offside lanes, all other traffic is going to be pushed left - potentially into 'suspended' bus lanes, which often provide a welcome refuge for cyclists.

Lambeth Palace Road, which I find has a good road surface and sufficient room to pass, is designated as coach parking.  Lanes over Westminster Bridge are suspended.  Even the blue lanes on the Embankment between Millbank and Vauxhall Bridge are suspended. 

I think it is a little irresponsible for TFL to encourage cycling but then remove some of the infrastructure (such as it is) than even provides a semblance of safety.


  • By O at 11:53am 10 July 2012

Some cycle hire stations will be suspended during the Olympics.  The stations concerned and the closure dates are listed on TfL's Docking station status page.

  • By sherbie at 8:26pm 23 July 2012

I thought my usual ride to work would be largley unaffected, as it doesn't include any ORN streets. Today however I encountered challenges and the games haven't even begun: On my way in this morning I discovered that the entrance to CS3 from Butcher Row Southbound is blocked, meaning you have to dick around in the middle of the road and try getting across at the pelican further down. I also noticed that changes at Mansell Street (Tower Hill) completely obliterated the ASL. On the way home the congestion prompted extremely erratic behaviour from motorists, resulting in a few near misses. Long & short of it is that I'm not nearly as happy to keep cycling during the games as I thought I'd be.

Thanks O - we've added your link to our article

  • By Tomm at 8:51am 19 March 2015

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