Transport for London agrees to make cycling improvements to Olympic Route Network

Last week we wrote to TfL highlighting hazards reported to us by cyclists using sections of the 'games lanes'. To their credit TfL wrote back switfly promising improvements some of which are already in place. A good result all round.

Picture above: A temporary barrier creates an unnecessary pinch point.

The introduction of the ORN (Olympic Route Network) has not only taken away some lanes and routes it has also resulted in some poor designs that have caused unnecessary hazards and inconvenience.

For our everyday cycle journeys it is often the little things that matter, things that can be improved quite easily without impacting on Games traffic or security.

Following reports from the public about a number of locations where cyclists have not been considered LCC staff inspected the sites and wrote a letter to TfL last week.

We are pleased to say that, to their credit, TfL have swiftly written back taking on board most of the points we raised - some probelms have already been fixed.

None of these will make headline news, but taken together they will make our journeys safer and more convenient.

Mansell Street just north of Tower Bridge for example had a bad pinch point due to a lane being closed (see photo).

Simply re-adjusting the barriers as we suggested now gives cyclists more space making the junction less hazardous.

Picture above: pedestrians left stranded on Upper Thames Street

On the north side of Southwark bridge a pedestrian crossing has now been re-opened following our suggestion and the entry to the protected cycle lane has been improved.

You should also find improvements at Bow Flyover and Westminster Bridge. However re-instating the right turn from Westminster Bridge to Whitehall has been ruled out.

To keep riding during the Olympics, regularly check our advice pages.


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