Green and good products at a slice of the price for LCC members

Young upstart company, Green Oil, is offering London Cycling Campaign members the chance to buy their sustainably sourced products with a 20% discount.

Founded by Simon Nash, Green Oil was an idea that formed like many other brilliant 'Eureka' moments ... whilst out riding a bike! Simon was out cycling in Bromley through the river Quaggy, when he realised his chain was in the water. An environmentally conscious individual, Simon went in search for an alternative to a petrochemical polluting lube, nothing was available. In fact, his quest, though unsuccessful, was very telling. Most brands that he found had no recycling information, and many even had logos stating that they were dangerous to the environment. With most of the fluid you use on your bike ultimately ending up in the environment he was incredibly dissatisfied with what was on offer, and so Green Oil was born.

Utilising only plant based and sustainably sourced ingredients rather than petrochemicals, Green Oil states recycling information clearly and has become an award-winning product. To date, Green Oil chain lube has been recommended by Ecologist magazine and given a Gold Award by ‘What Mountain Bike’ and the company itself won Bromely’s Best Business for Sustainability in 2011.

The range includes chain lube, chain wax, Ecogrease as well as a bike cleaner and sponge, and with the 20% discount offered by Green Oil, the price won’t even hurt your bank balance.

Green Oil website

For more information on how to obtain your LCC member discount, please visit the member’s page (link can be found on your membership card).

All offers and discounts are made to members entirely at the discretion of the third-party supplier, from which we do not gain or have any control over

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