Hounslow LCC group appeals for volunteers to boost local cycling

Moves are afoot to invigorate cycling in Hounslow, with the local branch of LCC appealing for volunteers to work on local campaigns, as well as organise rides and events. 

A successful social organised by Ashley Stanton of the Hounslow Cycling Campaign in October saw 18 people meet at the Express Tavern by Kew Bridge, turning a quiet pub into a buzzing forum for cycling.

LCC cycling development officer Gerhard Weiss said, "There's clearly an appetite to build cycling in Hounslow.

"And the presence of two committed Hounslow council officers at the meeting shows there is much to look forward to in the west."

At the meeting, both council officers expressed their passion for improving cycling in the borough, and welcomed a strengthened role for Hounslow Cycling Campaign as partners as well as critics.

David Eales of the Ealing Cycling Campaign Ealing Cycling Campaign and Jonathan Rowland of Richmond Cycling Campaign also attended the meeting, having been active supporters of their neighbouring borough.

The two local group coordinators were happy to share their experience from other LCC groups, which sparked a whole range of creative ideas for the Hounslow group.

Cyclists and sympathisers are invited to get involved in Hounslow by:

  • emailing Ashley Stanton in Hounslow
  • attending the next meeting at the Express Tavern on 24 November 2010 (7pm)
  • joining the local e-group at e-group)
  • attending the December LCC social at the Express Tavern on 16 December (7pm)
  • If you'd like to get involved in your local borough, visit www.lcc.org.uk/localgroups to find a contact in your borough


  • By Sunnie at 1:41pm 23 July 2013
Good afternoon we use the cycle path on the A4 from Oasteley rd to Chiswick . We have found the path are in such bad repair that they are causing us problems with punctures and now buckled wheels . I feel that more can be done I.e. cleaning by way of useing people that are taking unemployment benefit and have ing them clean the paths as they do in Spain. Thus giving them some self respect. Thank you for reading my email.

Hi Sunnie - please email your concerns to hounslow@lcc.org.uk



  • By Tomm at 8:08pm 19 March 2015

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