Hundreds of cyclists support Tour du Danger protest against 10 worst junctions in London

Hundreds of cyclists turned on Saturday 12 November 2011 to protest against the lack of cycling facilities at London's 10 worst junctions. 

The ride was the idea of London Cycling Award-winning campaigner and blogger Danny Williams and iBikeLondon's Mark Ames.

The ride was marshalled by many London Cycling Campaign activists, and we also provided its insurance. 

The excellent video above was made by one of the participants.

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett was on the ride, "It was a sad occasion, taking place the day after a second fatality at Bow roundabout, but it was very pleasing to see such support for what started out as a low-key exploratory ride by Danny and Mark.

"Too many of London's junctions are downright hostile to cyclists and pedestrians. It's time we started a wholesale shift towards a more liveable London.

"Our 2012 Go Dutch campaign aims to persuade decision-makers to go down this routes."

Tour du Danger 2 is to take place on 17 March 2012, and will visit Bow roundabout, the scene of two recent cyclist deaths.


Hostility and London generally go hand in hand at certain points of the day, you are just as likely to be pushed out of the way walking down the street as you are likely to be driven into whilst riding you bike. Its sad but witrhout wishing to sound like a tree hugger we need to address the general agression of our capital city before cyclists will get the safety we deserve!

I'll never stop cycling in London as I hope no one does but something needs to give - cars and bikes can co-exist its not rocket science! Maybe everyone should take a chill out on a European Waterways barge cruise or something?

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