Hundreds turn out for Bow vigil but Transport for London fails to commit to improving safety

On Friday 18 November 2011 a large crowd of wellwishers joined friends and relatives to pay their respects at a candlelit vigil in honour of the two cyclists who died recently at Bow roundabout.

A ghost bike was installed on the northern side of the roundabout, near the spot where Brian Dorling was hit by a lorry on 24 October.

Meanwhile, friends and relatives gathered on the opposite side of the roundabout to pay their respects to Svitlana Tereschenko, the 34-year-old Ukrainian woman killed on Friday 11 November.

In the centre of the busy roundabout, a large crowd huddled together to hear the bereaved families, friends, colleagues, and local politicians unite in their calls for Bow roundabout to be made safe for cyclists.

LCC spokesperson Mustafa Arif said, "It's vitally important that Boris Johnson acts now. There's no need for any further reviews at Bow; they already know what needs to be done here."

Earlier in the evening Transport for London announced a review of major junctions on all the Cycle Superhighways, but failed to commit to implementing safety works proposed by either the London Cycling Campaign or its own consultants for Bow roundabout. 

photos Ben Broomfield


Passing by ealier I agree with all that is said, this is a VERY unsafe roundabout

Tfl continue to ignore the needs of pedetrians and cyclists along the roads and junctions they are in charge of. Untill Tfl change their policies there will be a continued lack of progress on making their roads safe. This is just one example of Tfl's failure to protect the public on main roads, there are many others. Another example is Gallows corner in Romford. They have gone to the expense of installing pedestrian/cycle traffice lights to allow you to cross the A127, only problem is there's no decent cycleways to actually get you to the crossing. Those that do exist are full of pavement furniture and are not wide enough to accomodate pedestrians and cyclists.

So even if they install cyclelights at Bow there needs to be decent cycleways to get you to the lights in both directions which do not exist, even worse if Newhams police fine cyclists for cycling on the pavement because the road is too dangerous it forces the cyclists into the traffic.

Tower Hamlets Wheelers would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the organisation of the Vigil.  On Sunday a THW rep attended the Road Peace service at St James Piccadilly on The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims and submitted Svitlana's name to be read with the others (Debbie and Alex Dorling attended for Brian).

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