Is it the Mayor or Transport for London pushing through flawed Blackfriars plans?

Transport for London is ignoring the London Assembly's all-party call for a review of Blackfriars Bridge and a retention of the 20mph speed limit.

TfL has issued a press release saying that it will start works on the bridge this Friday, 31 July 2011, despite the fact that at Mayor's Questions on Wednesday 13 July 2011, Boris Johnson said:

“More work needs to be done on cycling over Blackfriars Bridge and over the accessibility of cycling over Blackfriars Bridge. And speaking as someone who uses that route the whole time I am very much familiar with the problems of the cyclist on Blackfriars Bridge and I am working with TfL to try to work it out.”

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "Cyclists deserve an explanation from the Mayor. Is he working with Transport for London as he said he would or not?"

Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones has no doubt who's responsible: "This is a dreadful decision by the Mayor and TfL, and flies in the face of all the public support for a safer bridge. The Mayor isn't listening to London."

On 20 July 2011 the London Assembly unanimously backed a motion on Blackfriars which asks the Mayor to carry out a review of the speed limit on the bridge and revisits the plans for the bridge "with particular attention to cyclists making right turns when exiting the bridge at either end".


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Great timing by TfL, starting the roadworks at around the same time as hundreds of people on bikes will be joining this Friday's Critical Mass ride, which starts at around 7pm outside the National Theatre, Southbank.

Critical Mass is usually a joyful celebration of cycling, sometimes it is different, in May 2004 we went to Blackfriars for the memorial ride for Vicki, who had been killed by a bus while she cycled home over Blackfriars Bridge.

This week's ride will be another wake, mourning the loss of sanity among TfL traffic planners.

I asked Assembly Members Richard Tracey and Andrew Boff what was going on.. Richard tracey replied:-


"From: "Richard Tracey" <>

To:, "Andrew Boff" <>
Sent: Wednesday, 27 July, 2011 10:02:09 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Blackfriars

We are pursuing this


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