Is there a junction or street near you that needs to be made safer for walking and cycling?

We're calling on you to show us on our map where there's a junction or street near you that needs to be made safer for walking and cycling.

In just a few weeks time, we'll present what you've told us to Mayor Boris Johnson and the London Assembly transport committee so they know where is most in need of a Go Dutch walking and cycling makeover.

Don't forget that by signing up to our Love London, Go Dutch campaign before the May mayoral 2012 election, Boris Johnson committed to implementing three flagship walking and cycling schemes in Greater London during this mayoralty. 

He's announced Vauxhall and Greenwich are likely to be two of the Go Dutch schemes, and this is your chance to tell the Mayor where you think the third one should be.

So don't delay, show us on our map today.

Thanks to EMCF

EMCF is proudly supporting the Love London, Go Dutch flagship walking and cycling location map



This would be more constructive if:

- the input wasn't anonymous

- replies and comments on each suggestion were possible - a lot of discussion is needed to make a case

- Local Groups had been invited to indicate what is already in hand/under discussion

- Have a looked at There, members can create new 'issue' pages with commenting, progress tracking, route sketching on the map and so forth.

with the above changes it would be possible for local groups to enlist the proposers as activists, adding strength. As it is, it seems to just be an another outlet for our frustration over the poor infrastructure (as if there weren't enough such outlets!)

George Coulouris

Camden Cyclists

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