Johnson narrows cycling gap with Livingstone by committing to three ‘Go Dutch’ demands

Boris Johnson has joined the other four main mayoral candidates in promising a Dutch-style cycling revolution in London.

After intensive lobbying from the London Cycling Campaign, Johnson today promised, “I am fully committed to meeting the three key tests of LCC’s ‘Love London, Go Dutch’ campaign,” which are to be completed during his next mayoralty.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, “We’re delighted to give Boris Johnson an ‘A-grade’ for his promise to learn from the successful Dutch model to make London’s streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland.

“We now have a commitment to a Dutch-style cycling revolution from all the main candidates, with the promise of immediate action in the next mayoralty.”

“Johnson must still do a lot more to catch up with the other candidates in other areas of cycling policy, but it’s fantastic news that he has responded to Londoners by committing to meet the three key tests of the Love London Go Dutch campaign.”

On Saturday 28 April thousands of Londoners will join the Love London, Go Dutch Big Ride, the biggest event supporting safer streets for cycling ever seen in the UK

The Big Ride will be a huge, colourful celebration of this success for our Love London, Go Dutch campaign, but also a massive signal to the candidates that Londoners will hold whoever is elected to their promises to introduce Dutch-style cycling provision to London.

The three Love London, Go Dutch demands to which the candidates have agreed are:

  1. Implement three flagship Love London, Go Dutch developments on major streets and/or locations. 
  2. Make sure all planned developments on the main roads that they controls are completed to Go Dutch standards, especially junctions. 
  3. Make sure the Cycle Superhighways programme is completed to Love London, Go Dutch standards.

Green candidate Jenny Jones gave her full commitment to the 'Go Dutch' campaign at the launch in February.

Labour's Ken Livingstone said: “I'm fully committed to meeting the Love London, Go Dutch three tests over the next mayoralty, and I look forward to working with the London Cycling Campaign and its members to deliver this if Londoners choose to elect me as their Mayor on 3 May."

Liberal Democrat Brian Paddick said, "London Liberal Democrats and I are fully committed to meeting the LCC’s Love London, Go Dutch campaign three tests."

Independent Siobhan Benita said, “Siobhan Benita is fully committed to meeting the three tests of LCC’s Love London, Go Dutch campaign over the course of the next mayoralty.



  • By Jim at 6:07pm 27 April 2012

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Good work by LCC in securing this commitment.

But does Boris Johnson admit that poor road design is the most significant modifiable barrier preventing people from cycling in London? And that road infrastructure developments during his mayoralty (e.g. Henly's corner, the 'Super' highways) have been poorly designed and in some cases dangerous?

And what are his views on the Conservative policies of Central Government, such as the ill-considered Health and Social Care Bill (reorganisation and part privatisation of the NHS)?

  • By paul at 6:11pm 28 April 2012

Has Boris agreed to drop the "smoothing the flow of traffic" priortity ? If not then I doubt his commitment to "Go Dutch".

  • By Tomm at 10:09pm 18 March 2015

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