Kingston Cycling Campaign helps to make cycle contraflow permanent

photo KCC Kingston Cycling Campaign members celebrate their King Charles Road contraflow victory



After a six-month trial, a contraflow cycle lane in Surbiton, is being made permanent after the local LCC group raised a petition in its support.

Councillors in the borough of Kingston voted on 8 September 2010 to retain the measure on King Charles Road, taking the decision to permanently allocate more road space to cyclists.

Mid-way through the trial a prospective local councillor raised a petition of 142 signatures opposing the change.

However, Kingston Cycling Campaign replied with a petition of over 200 signatures backing the new contraflow, as well as support from a local school.

Jonathan Fray of KCC said, "King Charles Road is on LCN+ 32, an important bike route linking Kingston with Tolworth, Berrylands, Chessington and Epsom.

"Before the trial of the southbound contraflow cycle lane, up to 400 cyclists a day had to dismount and walk across a railway bridge."

King Charles Road was a two-lane road going one-way northbound, until a lane was removed to create a southbound cycle lane.

The design of the permanent facility is expected to be improved, including a wider footway.

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