Lambeth and Southwark cyclists enjoy double helping of secure cycle parking

Two new cycle parking locations in south London could help ease the vast shortage of secure bike facilities in the capital.

Better Bankside has opened a secure cycle park in Hopton Street, Southwark, while Lambeth Council is trialling on-street 'Fietshangers' (see photo courtesy of KPOB) in Bonnington Square, Vauxhall.

The Southwark cycle parking facility is open to employees of businesses that are part of the Better Bankside commercial collective, and there's a free trial during September.

It has space for 70 bikes, and is accessible only via a swipe card.

Lambeth trials Dutch on-street secure cycle parking solution

As reported on the Lambeth Cyclists website, the borough council has installed a new cycle parking solution in Vauxhall.

The Fietshangars, from the Netherlands, take up about half a car parking space and can hold up to five bicycles, with key access.

A spokesperson for Lambeth Cyclists said, "Thousands of these secure units have already been successfully installed in cities in the Netherlands over the past decade, and now a few lucky Lambeth residents will be able to hire a secure bike space for as little as £5 per month."


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